• Minimalism


    Oftentimes, subtlety can be an effective way of creating quality design. Thoughtful, intentional planning in regard to spatial arrangement, function, and proportion can lead to a successful project without being too busy.

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  • Form with Function

    Form with Function

    With careful planning we can achieve effective harmony. The courtyard of this creative loft space serves dual purposes: provide parking for tenants while simultaneously being a warm, inviting space to entertain clients. Permeable paving (infilled with polished marble chips) helped to soften the parking stalls and blur the line between uses.

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  • Paradise in Your Backyard

    Paradise in Your Backyard

    Let me help you create an oasis just steps from your back door. Regardless of what kind of aesthetic you're looking for, I can help you establish a private retreat right in your own backyard. Native, Woodland, Tropical, Minimal: we'll choose a theme and work toward a successful design.

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  • San Diego City College

    San Diego City College

    A sustainable project requires coordination from all trades during all facets of the design process. Dynamic, eco-friendly projects like this high-profile building at City College, San Diego make both a visual and ethical statement.

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  • Your Own Outdoor Living Room

    Your Own Outdoor Living Room

    Let me help you plan your outdoor living room/kitchen so that you can entertain, cook, and otherwise enjoy some casual time in your backyard. For more examples, please see the Portfolio page.

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  • A Splash of Color

    A Splash of Color

    Careful and thoughtful plant material selections provide a restful and relaxing backdrop at this La Jolla home. View more images of this project in the portfolio section.

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    What Do We Do?

    Good landscape design starts with a true passion for the outdoors and a genuine love of plants. At Cultivate Landscape, the mission is simple: Provide cutting-edge design and exceptional client service with remarkable results.

    Sustainable practices can be used in every phase of landscaping, including design, construction, implementation and management.

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