Whether you need a simple concept plan or a fully-developed set of specific construction plans, my end product will be a professionally drafted tool that will move the project along fluidly and effectively. For examples, please see the Project Portfolio.


I can help you find the appropriate, experienced contractor and can assist during the entire construction process to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.


Don’t need a landscape plan, but want some expert advice? I can consult on a huge variety of topics to help get your project off the ground.


If your landscape project requires any sort of permit(s) or specialized engineering prior to construction, I can serve as a liaison in order to facilitate this. An example of this would be bringing a structural engineer on-board to design an overhead shade structure or a retaining wall.


Too busy to locate the plants you want to use, but unwilling to entrust a contractor to find choice specimens? I can personally procure the materials and arrange for delivery so that you can rest assured that your plants will be successful.


Working with a welder, metal fabricator or sculptor is a great way to add some design flair to your landscape will at the same time supporting local artists. Many homeowners tend to assume that an art installation will be expensive, but when salvaged materials are mixed with creativity, it’s quite possible to come up with very cost-effective ways to create something unique and eye-catching.


I’ll help you determine approximate material and construction costs so that there are no surprises along the way. Doing a cost estimate prior to construction is a great way to stay on-budget and still achieve the desired results. “Value engineering” may occur along the way, as we look for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the overall effect.