EcoRoof Design and Consultation

March 14, 2013

Regardless of the scale, installing an ecoroof (or “greenroof”) is a highly-effective way to achieve a variety of environmental benefits simultaneously.

Becoming part of the inaugural team of Green Roof Professionals (GRP) (Green Roofs for Healthy Cities) in 2009, I can help you create a planted roof atop your home, new addition, a commercial space, your garage, or even a backyard shed. Greenroofs create habitat, keep stormwater on-site, reduce “urban heat island effect”, and add visual interest to a normally unsightly area.

I can assist homeowners who are considering the installation of a small-scale greenroof. From concept to implementation, I can advise on what type of system to use, drainage/irrigation concerns, waterproofing, what type of growing medium to use, what sorts of plants to use, and how to make it happen. Greenroofs don’t need to be purely functional or standardized: We’ll work together to create a system that is dynamic, effective, beautiful, and creative.